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HCJ requests the Office of Prosecutor General to provide information on the investigation of the fact of interference into the activity of a judge


The High Council of Justice made a decision to address the Office of Prosecutor General regarding the provision of information on the disclosure and investigation of a crime in criminal proceedings on the facts set forth in the notification of the judge of the Koroliovskyi district court of Zhytomyr Shalota Kostiantyn Valeriovych.

On February 10, 2020 the HCJ received a notification of the judge Kostiantyn Shalota on interference into his activity. The judge notified that on February 5, 2020 an unknown man, who introduced himself as the head of the investigative department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region, entered his office, and, presenting his identity card, began to demand from the judge an explanation of the cases he considered. According to the judge, this indicates an attempt to put pressure on him in order to persuade him to make certain decisions when considering a number of petitions, and is also an encroachment on the independence of the judge, a manifestation of contempt of court.

The HCJ concluded that the circumstances referred to in the notification are related to the professional activity of the judge and being in his proceedings as an investigating judge of a number of petitions received by the DSSU in the Zhytomyr region. Such behavior of an official of the said law enforcement body could be a means of influencing a judge in order to encourage him to make certain decisions. The circumstances established during the inspection give grounds for a conclusion on possible interference in the activity of the judge, and therefore, in the opinion of the HCJ, should be checked by law enforcement agencies in the manner prescribed by the CPC of Ukraine.