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High Council of Justice launches national discussion on access to justice and guarantees of its implementation among the professional community


The High Council of Justice initiates a public professional discussion of draft laws No. 3711, No. 3711-1, No. 3711-2 and the draft law, prepared by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, on making amendments to norms that relate to issues on judiciary and status of judges, in the light of the opinion of the European Commission “For democracy through law” (Venice Commission) of October 9, 2020 on the draft law “On making amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” and other laws of Ukraine regarding the activity of the Supreme Court and judicial governance bodies” (No. 3711).

The High Council of Justice emphasizes that the reforming in the justice sphere should be consistent and balanced, comply with norms of the Constitution of Ukraine, international standards and principals of the Council of Europe, and all legal amendments should be preceded by a thorough and comprehensive discussion in a wide professional circles.

The goal is to develop a common position on determining the optimal way to overcome the problem of staff shortages in Ukrainian courts as soon as possible and to effectively ensure the right of citizens to access to justice.

It is planned to involve into the discussion international and national experts, representatives of judicial governance/self-governance bodies, judicial corps (candidates to the position of a judge, active judges, retired judges), representatives of legal and executive branches of power, advocacy, bar and judges’ associations, leading professional public organizations and scientific community.