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Statement of the press office of the High Council of Justice


Public statements of the Supreme Court, commenting on the materials of criminal proceedings against judges of the Circuit Administrative Court of Kyiv, regarding whom decisions of the High Council of Justice were made, are an assessment given in a manner not provided by current legislation. Such statements do not affect the content or legal consequences of the decisions made by the High Council of Justice and introduce inappropriate politicization of the processes in the judiciary. Audio recordings, regarding which statements were made, were published by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine two months ago. Therefore, giving them assessment today seems strange on the part of Supreme Court judges.

The Supreme Court reviews such decisions in the manner prescribed by applicable procedural law. A judge may not make public statements, comment in the media on the materials or the course of cases pending before the court, and question court decisions that have entered into force. The judge has no right to disclose information that became known to him in connection with the case.

The High Council of Justice looks forward to the official publication of the full text of the decision of the Plenum of the Supreme Court, which was circulated in the press today, for further comments.